Starry Dynamo In The Machinery Of Night

by Discrepancy

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released February 22, 2012




Discrepancy Russian Federation


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Track Name: Silence After All
Silence After All

Kiss of the knife
Took spirit away from the altar of life,
Overturned all roads in dust
Left all copper and gold in the past

Overturned all paths into the void
Last scream will be covered by mold.

Veil of night will cloak the day,
Stains of stars light up the way.
Stars like blood-spots on skin,
Nobody looses and nobody wins.

Pulse of eternal existence
Beating under outer crack.
No any chance for resistance:
Everything will come back.

Irretrievably lost forever
In his vapoury eyes,
Under the words ever –
Vacant and hollow ice.

There are lees to every wine
There is sentry for every crime
There is fuss for every fault
There is silence after all…

The sun and the moon are eyes of the sky.
We can make them laugh, we can make them cry
But sand in watches falls letting out a wail
Time will take them and carry away

Lost in reflections of mirrors in mind,
Speechless in desert, you walk like a blind

Whenever we pray
Our souls are burning for our deeds

And the only we say –
That we all could but failed to do it anyway.

Branches of spirit are touched by greenfly,
High in the sky inaudible sigh.
Liquid reality is infinite in Her flow
And world melting away in the sunset's dying glow

When only the sun will touch your eyes
New lands of spirit will rise up from the dust,

And rays of hopes will scatter clouds of vice –
This all just tries to pull you through snares of the past
Jumping up into the sky then getting down to the ground

To run around in the bound
Creeping, breaking, floundering to fall
To meet the silence after all.
Track Name: Fallen Star
Fallen Star
(The House Of The Fallen Star)


You gonna loose before you born.
To find yourself means to return.
The ugly ghost of the putrid world
Will utter thrice that once was told


Lonely stone in chest,
Shivering and bleeding
No chance for rest
Only obscure skies above your head

Darkness found her breed,
Everything is permitted.
Tree grows from the seed,
Every soul has flesh and every man has spirit.

Pendulum swings – brings closer day
When not a particle will stay.
Take a calm deep breath and see the Land of Leal
Forget about everything that bears his seal.


Whither goes thou, whither rivers flow,
After the cold and snow?
The depth of wrinkles can not be plumbed,
The lake of tears we can’t surmount.


Another star
Drowned in the dirt
Echoed in your mind
Like ill-omened chord
He draws the shadow to show – the real Light exist
And this reality is only vague dust in your fist.


You will be touched by unearthly fluff
And ray of gold from sky above
Will lay on heart and will take so far.
All these are signs that you are
On the way
To the House Of The Fallen Star

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit
…Ne absorbent eas tartarus


Straight lines will cross
Day turns to night
Vicious circle will close
Sharpen your sight
This narrow path
Of true existence
Will give a new birth
To the star.


Whither goes thou, whither rivers flow,
After the cold and snow?
The depth of wrinkles can not be plumbed,
The lake of tears we can’t surmount.